Chainalysis investigates Venezuelan crypto exchange

The American blockchain intelligence company, Chainalysis, has issued a document called "Cryptolago: analyzing one of the cryptocurrency exchanges authorized by the Venezuelan regime”Where the company analyzes the cryptocurrency exchange house Cryptolago, since this would be facilitating the exchange of Petro, the official digital currency of Venezuela, and other cryptocurrencies with US users.

According to the portal CriptonoticiasPresident Trump enacted an executive order prohibiting the commercialization of any cryptocurrency backed by the Venezuelan government among Americans. In addition, both Nicolás Maduro, and the largest executive of Crypto Lake and Zulia state governor, Omar Prieto, have sanctions imposed by the United States.

In accordance with what is indicated by the portal Cointelegraph, the report assures that Cryptolago would be directly contributing to the use of Petro, through bitcoin transactions, which would involve other companies of exchange that are regulated. Likewise, the report invites regulators to acquire tools that allow them to monitor the way in which Venezuelan companies interact with the cryptocurrency market so that they can investigate suspicious operations that seek to evade the sanctions imposed.

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