Catalonia will use blockchain technology for energy distribution operations

The protagonists of this project are the energy company Electra Caldense Energía and the software provider Bamboo Energy and Energy Web (based in Barcelona), he said. Cointelegraph. The Electra Caldense operator has more than 100 years in the market and currently provides service to more than 12 clients in Catalonia. The project, which is called: Electra Flex, will make use of Energy Web's blockchain technology.

The utility of this project will be to grant flexibility to the electrical distribution phase in the region of Catalonia. In this sense, Oriol Xababarder, director of Grupo Electra pointed out: “We are very satisfied to join Energy Web and Bamboo Energy in this fantastic project together with the other partners and we are convinced that we will generate the innovation and knowledge necessary to face the challenges of the energy transition, both as a 100% renewable energy trading company. as well as as operators of the electrical distribution system".

The open source blockchain platform Energy Web will allow the development of a digital platform that will allow the energy company Electra Caldense Energía to make use of the flexible capacity of assets connected to the electricity grid, including storage in batteries, solar installations. photovoltaic and electric vehicles, he noted Forosocollamos. In the same sense, he maintains: “The site will use the EW-DOS technology layer to assign digital identities to connected assets and flexible market participants, allowing self-registration in energy markets and providing services to Electra Coldance, as well as to the Spanish operator of the transmission system Red Eléctrica de España".

Finally, it should be noted that it is not the first time that the Electra Caldense group encourages innovation projects in its operations, previously it had already launched the NAenCAT project in RIS3CAT that provides distributed sensor, remote control and automation systems, he said. Electraenergy.

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