Bitcoin capitalization surpasses that of Visa and Mastercard

As we reported in a previous note, the value of bitcoin reached a new all-time high, reaching $ 60, which translated into a market capitalization of $ 1.15 trillion. However, after the bull rush, the value of bitcoin fell to 1.03 trillion in what corresponds to market capitalization, according to Cointelegraph.

Although the change in value affected the market capitalization of bitcoin, that value is greater than the combined capitalization of the giant payment processing companies, Visa and Mastercard, which add up to a total of 871 billion dollars, according to to the aforementioned portal. Of course, the growing boom of cryptocurrencies has pushed these companies to be interested in adopting them, according to we reported previously.

Another interesting point that Cointelegraph points out is that, the market capitalization of JPMorgan, Bank of America y The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, reach the value of 1.08 trillion dollars, which highlights the importance that bitcoin has reached.

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