Canada: Clearview AI app outlawed

In Canada, the door to the facial recognition company has just been closed Clearview AI, after considering that the data on the faces of Canadian citizens, which were stored in its databases, did not have the corresponding authorizations, which constitutes a clear invasion of privacy, which the commissioner of that country has crossed out as massive and illegal surveillance, according to what is indicated by The New York Times.

In this regard, it should be mentioned that Clearview has a database with more than three billion photos from social networks and other public websites, so when using the search engine of the aforementioned application, it showed links to the websites where the face of the person being sought appeared. Under that order of ideas, Clearview considered that the consent of Canadians was not necessary to use facial biometric information, since this data was available on the public internet, and that this practice was a replica of what large companies such as Google.

However, this is not the only country where the aforementioned company would have questions about its way of operating, since, in Illinois, United States, they were sued for violating the Biometric Information Privacy Act of that state. As a result, Clearview tried to erase data from the faces of residents of the state, through photo metadata and geographic information, and also made an opt-out form from the platform available to Illinois residents.

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