Blockchain for traceability of food products for export from Peru to Chile

blockchain traceability food products

It would be the first export of blockchain food products between these countries

Platform, created by José Zarate de, has developed a solution for the digital traceability of food products.

This platform has recently launched a pilot, within which it will allow traceability in the export of 1042 boxes of Tahiti lemons to Santiago de Chile.

This solution would serve to accurately and quickly detect the person responsible in case of any defect, incidence or alert related to food products. In this regard José Zárate mentions that:

When an exporter must meet an order, it usually uses products from several producers. In the case of detecting any incident or alert in the product, it is necessary to demonstrate and identify in each box who was the producer.

The solution to the problem described would be in the use of technology blockchain. The platform It would be connected to the blockchain.

First, the producer creates a token which represents the total of its production that has been sold and cryptographically signed in an act in order to avoid its repudiation in the future.

On the other hand, the rest of the participants in the production chain (transporter, packer, etc.) sign the electronic certificate attesting to the acceptance of said records and contents of the box.

Finally, this token It is registered in labels with QR codes in each box:


The pilot will also be used for ingredients products of Peruvian ceviche, as well as lemons, purple onion, canchita, corn, sweet potato, yucca and purple chicha.

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