French students will learn about Bitcoin

High school students in France will soon learn about Bitcoin, after The Ministry of Education has added this cryptocurrency as a learning theme in the program of studies in Economics and Social Sciences.

According to the program, an activity based on videos referring to the most important cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) is included in this, in order for students to reflect on the characteristics of money and what will come in the future with the Support of new technologies.

These videos suggest questions how «Can Bitcoin replace the euro?» o «Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?», in a way that allows students to assess whether the cryptocurrency is a currency like those already known and how their users' trust is supported.

Previously, French President Emmanuel Macron has promoted the progress of the European country in technology and innovation, with the aim of turning France into an international power in these areas. It should be noted that recently Paris surpassed Berlin in terms of capital raised by new technology companies.

Finally, while the inclusion of Bitcoin in the French study program is somewhat small, it actually turns out to be quite significant and symbolic. Consequently, the idea behind is that younger students understand about the nature of cryptocurrencies and also analyze their position and place in the global economy.

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