Only 5% of Americans are interested in the “cryptocurrency” of Facebook

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The CivicScience company conducted a survey that analyzed the interest and concern of US citizens regarding the “cryptocurrency” (Libra) From Facebook. The results of the survey showed the little interest of the Americans in this project.

The survey showed a total of 1,799 American adults, of which only 5% said they were interested in Facebook's proposal. The young people under 24 were those who were sympathetic to the Facebook project, this also mentioned being active Facebook users and being related to digital payment tools such as Apple Pay.

In general, the survey showed the low arrival of Libra in the United States, as well as a high level of distrust that Americans perceive.

On the other hand, CivicScience has conducted other cryptocurrency surveys to find out the level of people's knowledge about these virtual assets.

Thus, in a survey that showed a total of 2,100 of adults, it was found that at least 79% of them had heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (Ripple, Ethereum or Litecoin). Additionally, this survey showed that at least 6% of the 2,100 people interviewed have made some investment in cryptocurrencies.

As these surveys there have been others carried out by various market agents for different research studies related to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that in all of them some homogeneity has been shown regarding the evaluation criteria, this makes it possible to show that the cryptocurrency issue is still in a development stage.

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Alejandra Huachaca
Lawyer from Universidad del Pacífico (UP) and Director of Finance at Lawgic Tec. She currently works at EY LAW Peru in the area of ​​Financial Regulation and FinTech. He has studies abroad at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). Former member of the FORSETI Law Review. Email:


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