Amazon faces antitrust investigation in Canada

As has happened in the United States and Europe, Amazon faces antitrust investigations in Canada, led by the Canadian Competition Office, which launched an investigation for having harmed companies and companies that operate in the country.

As pointed out CNCB, the Office plans to examine whether Amazon's influence over outside sellers prevents them from offering products in competing markets. Likewise, it has indicated that it will examine any way in which the company can influence the buying habits of consumers on third-party sellers who sell competitive products.

For its part, an Amazon spokesperson stated that they are cooperating with the investigation led by the Competition Office and that they will continue working to support small and medium-sized companies that sell in their Canadian stores, to help them grow.


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Sergio Puicon
Ninth cycle law student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. With interest in Commercial Law, Fintech and Capital Markets. I believe in the power of information and technology as a tool to enhance it.


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