Amazon could face antitrust charges by the European Union

Multinational technology company Amazon could face formal antitrust charges from the European Union for the treatment of third-party sellers, as reported The Wall Street Journal.

Among the charges that the European Union Competition Commission would seek to impute to Amazon is the collection of data from third-party sellers and to use them to compete against them by launching similar products, which are known as "dealer brands".

The investigation by the Competition Commission dates back to 2018 when Margrethe Vestager launched a preliminary investigation, focusing on the company's use of the data from those third-party sellers.

Also, in the United States, officials from the Federal Trade Commission are already investigating the technology giant about its business practices; Reviews have even been opened by the Department of Justice and the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives.

But returning to the case armed by the European Union, it is estimated that as soon as the following week these charges could be presented to start the formal process.

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Sergio Puicon
Ninth cycle law student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. With interest in Commercial Law, Fintech and Capital Markets. I believe in the power of information and technology as a tool to enhance it.


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