About The Crypto Legal

We are living in a time of technological revolution, which is modifying our customs and ways of interacting with each other. First was the appearance of the Internet and the World Wide Web, which allowed us to transmit information with just a click.

Now, we are facing the emergence of constant technological innovations in financial matters (Fintech), as well as technologies that are the support of a collaborative economy.

It is in this context that arises The Crypto Legal.

An academic project whose purpose is to study and disseminate informative and analytical content about the interaction of new technologies with society from a legal and other social science perspective.

Thus, through articles of opinion of lawyers and professionals from other areas, different topics of current relevance will be analyzed, such as the application and utility of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, artificial intelligence, big data, among others.

Also, opinion leaders, academics, businessmen, will be interviewed geeks, lawyers and others who can bring their experience and innovative ideas to the discussion on technology issues.

Finally, current information on the latest trends in the technological field will be provided through the news section, as well as educational information through explanatory videos with the aim of disseminating knowledge in a simple and accessible manner for all.


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