January 28: International Day for the Protection of Personal Data

Today, January 28, 2020, International Personal Data Protection Day is celebrated. We have translated a reflection of Europe Councilo on this important day:

The personal data of people are processed every second: at work, in their relations with public authorities, in the field of health, when they buy goods or services, travel or surf the Internet. In general, people are not familiar with the risks related to the protection of their personal data and their rights in this regard. They are rarely aware of what they can do if they believe their rights have been violated, or the role of national data protection agencies.

On April 26, 2006, the Council of Europe decided to establish a Data Protection Day that would be held each year on January 28, when the Data Protection Agreement of the Council of Europe, known as "Convention 108". The Data Protection Day is now celebrated worldwide and is called Privacy Day outside Europe.

On that date, governments, parliaments, national data protection bodies and other agents carry out awareness-raising activities on the rights to the protection of personal data and privacy. These include campaigns aimed at the general public, educational projects for teachers and students, open doors in data protection agencies and conferences.

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Adolfo Morán
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