Technology needs the law, lawyers must embrace technology

In the context of international arbitration, states can submit their disputes with other states or companies to an arbitral tribunal. Once this award is made, there is still the possibility, although restricted, that this award can be challenged in court and ...

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Three Tips for Incorporating Legal Document Automation in Services

The importance of the word The profession of the lawyer is characterized by giving certainty to clients, either by ...

Algorithmic transparency and taxes

Artificial intelligence policy must recognize the principle of algorithmic transparency in favor of ...

New #ATH of Bitcoin: Trend or Bubble like in 2017?

The second half of December 2020 will be remembered for an important milestone that many of us have been waiting for since ...

Legal services design is here to stay, but wait… What is service design?

There is a phrase that I love and it is the following: "Before running you have to learn to walk" and ...

Pandemic VI: Restructuring the training of lawyers

An authorized and approximate translation into Spanish of Pandemic VI: Lawyer formation re-engineered, installment of the Jordan Pandemic series ...


Interview with Victor Egoavil, COO of Agent BTC

This post is a summary of the interview with Victor Egoavil, Co-founder and COO of BTC Agent ....

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