Technology needs the law, lawyers must embrace technology

This is a case of digital transformation in the health sector. It is a step from the anachronistic system of dusty and inefficient medical records to a dynamic electronic health record and interconnected with the relevant health agencies. The objective is to have a digital network ...

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The events resulting from the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic have generated an unusual and unprecedented reaction ...

Covid-19: How to communicate in times of crisis?

No one expected to go through a situation like the one Covid-19 currently represents. We are, in short, in ...

Can you go to jail for slandering someone on social media?

If you are one of those who believe in competitions where they give a luxury car to ...

And after the Coronavirus? Help the Financial System or Populations?

What is expressed in this article is the responsibility of the author or authors. The Crypto Legal and / or its members do not necessarily ...

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

On January 01, the California Consumer Privacy Act became effective in California.


Interview with Rodolfo Guerrero: Digital education and cybersecurity

Rodolfo Guerrero is a young Mexican lawyer, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting last year, having ...

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