Technology needs the law, lawyers must embrace technology

On September 25 of this year, the state of California approved a decree by which the "Department of Business Oversight" is replaced by the "Department of Financial Protection and Innovation", as indicated by California Legislative Information. The approval of said decree not...

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The biggest legal problems in the Crypto ecosystem

This entry is a Spanish translation of the original CleanApp article published on Medium on September 8, 2018. The translation ...

Chatbots, legal aspects to take into account

Do you want to carry out a bank transaction without leaving home? Do you want to buy some sneakers without having to go to the ...

Criteria to study the viability of crypto projects

Since 2017, when the ICOS boom was experienced, any investment in crypto projects deserves a ...

The old joint account contract: a valid instrument for the legal coverage of blockchain projects?

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Cybersecurity paradigm shift after the pandemic

Throughout this year, since the pandemic began, IT professionals from all over ...


Interview with Victor Egoavil, COO of Agent BTC

This post is a summary of the interview with Victor Egoavil, Co-founder and COO of BTC Agent ....

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