Technology needs the law, lawyers must embrace technology

Certainly, what the technology industry can do to control the epidemic in mainland China is limited, but the government has made it clear that fighting the virus that is afflicting its population is a national priority that requires collective action ....

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About the creation of the National Digital Transformation System

On January 09, 2020, the Emergency Decree No. 006-2020 was published which ...


The regulations that establish the electronic signature in Chile are currently established in Law No. 19.799, ...

Millennials increasingly invest more in Bitcoin

What is expressed in this article is the responsibility of the author or authors. The Crypto Legal and / or its members do not necessarily share ...

LAS CRIPTOMONEDAS: an approach to its recognition in the Chilean legal-tax system

This article is co-authored by Antonio Faúndez, Mario Pino Moya, Pablo Góngora Jercic and Andrés Quintanilla Fernández.

The case of “De-Uberization”

A few weeks ago news were published announcing that Uber, the most popular ride sharing platform -connection of ...


Interview with Rodolfo Guerrero: Digital education and cybersecurity

Rodolfo Guerrero is a young Mexican lawyer, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting last year, having ...

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