Technology needs the law, lawyers must embrace technology

German Marcus Pleyer has replaced Xiangmin Liu, a Chinese national, in the position of chairman of the International Financial Action Task Force (FATF), since July 01, 2020. Marcus Pleyer is Deputy Director General in the German Ministry of Finance, what...

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Benefits and Opportunities for the use of Electronic Money

Introduction In this context of health crisis resulting from COVID-19, much has been said about the ...

It's not just about privacy! Ethical and legal questions to Artificial Intelligence - Part I

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as "a variety of processing techniques and technologies used to perform work ...

Tax Inspections, Artificial Intelligence and Taxpayers' Rights

"An act of tax determination by a tax authority that is based on the application of ...

The importance of Re-skilling and Up-skilling to achieve a true transformation of the legal sector

"Every day we learn something new", is that true or not? I think the answer should be yes, but ...

After Bitcoin's third Halving, will the price go up?

Bitcoin had its third halving in May, a rare cryptocurrency structure phenomenon that happens only ...


Interview with Rodolfo Guerrero: Digital education and cybersecurity

Rodolfo Guerrero is a young Mexican lawyer, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting last year, having ...

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