Technology needs the law, lawyers must embrace technology

The head of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), Alejandro Díaz León, pointed out that although it is true that crypto assets have use or utility, he considers that the public should have a healthy distance between financial intermediation and the collaterals associated with these types of. ..

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Due process and criminal trials through videoconferencing applications: Brief perspective in Chile

The beginning of this second decade of the XNUMXst century will be a very difficult period to forget. The number of...

Preliminary draft of the Fintech Law in Chile

In early February 2021, Chile's financial regulator, the Commission for the Financial Market (“CMF”), did ...

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Better to be safe or sorry ?: Analysis of the merger of Google and Fitbit

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The promise of stakeholder governance: a feasible limit to Big Tech?

A special thanks to Omar Alfaro, Julio Avellaneda and Klever Espinoza for their comments on the drafts ...


Interview with Victor Egoavil, COO of Agent BTC

This post is a summary of the interview with Victor Egoavil, Co-founder and COO of BTC Agent ....

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